Friday, September 19, 2014

rhonna sparkles

So, I've fallen in love.  And, its so much better than I expected it to be.

One of my take-aways from the #AWBU conference was the Rhonna app

Yes, Rhonna Designs, the digital scrapbooking company, has an amazing app.  Like its the one I want to play on every minute of every day!

For quite some time, I've been trying to find a way to make those cute little square pictures that everyone is using on their blogs.  It makes having a pinnable image for your post so much easier.  One thing I really wanted to figure out in a room full of all my amazing talent, super gorgeous and ever nerdy blogger chicks was to have someone show me their secret.  Well, we spent more time eating pizza and talking about the cute boy in the lobby of the hotel than me actually learning any of the tricks I wanted to at #AWBU. (so, yes if you know how, I still want a tutorial...I'll even buy the coffee!)

But, this new app, has been the gap and frankly has given me a way better tool than anything I could derive from my computer. 

You can do amazing things with your pictures.  Like things you would even want to order and print, put on canvases.  Yes, even graphic design type work....I know!

So, I give you Rhonna.  Yes, its one of those apps that costs.  And, yes it has even better enhancements that cost a little bit more.  But, really...I've never gained so much from $1.99. 

Like I love it so much I almost want to go back and start scrapbooking again!  Digitally of course!

Do it, go look it up...and make sure you follow me on twitter and instagram so you can see all my amazing creations!

(oh and I discovered tonight that they have a set of tutorial videos...Creative Outpour you are my hero of the week!  The green t-shirt and leopard skirt were a perfect way to start a conversation that led to this amazingness...I owe you.)


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

I'm struggling

My inbox and Facebook notifications have me overwhelmed. The little red bubble beside my Twitter icon has me reeling. The sticky note on my desk leaves me bumfuzzled and we are not even going to talk about the pile of things on the couch in my living room.

My mom has always given me a hard time about living in a fish bowl; growing to the size of my world. That usually refers to the amount of junk I seem to accumulate. But recently I'm beginning to thing it refers better to my calendar. 

I've confessed often that I don't do "still" very well, but now that I'm home during the week I'm finding myself filling every night. There are so many things I want to do and so many people I want to connect with but I'm overwhelming myself. 

And we can't even begin to talk about web and social media. Since it's where I live all day I just want to shut it down when I get home. But bc I try to keep it business as much as I can during the day, I just feel behind. This past weekend at the bloggers conf I was reminded how far behind I am. And you know what?  I think it's ok. 

I've spent much of this week telling myself that. There is only so much I can do.

I came away from #AWBU with so many ideas.  But, my ideas became a to do list that right now feels insurmountable.  For whatever reason, I cant seem to get over the "back to school hurdle".  I know I don't have kids, but it seems the world revolves around the academic calendar.  Church classes start up, volunteer cycles begin, community programs establish themselves and we are left remembering one more reason why we love the lazy days of summer.

So, I guess maybe this is my confessional.  My out loud spoken word so I don't feel like I'm letting you down with the fact that I just left a conference that should have pumped me up to crank out words like nobody's business.  But, instead I'm left with one more item on my list.  One more post to hit "publish".  One more measure of insecurity and inadequacy on my self-appointed measuring tool in my head.

Whatever it is, I'm confessing.  Fall is my favorite time of year.  I want to be present as much as possible.  I want to create some memories with the new friends I'm developing and frankly...its easier right now to keep up with my instagram (@bigpittstop) account!

So, here's to a few written words.  Some confessed guilt.  And, finally something I can mark off my to-do list!

(true confession: I actually started this post on my phone waiting for a meeting.  I closed it and added to it while I was sitting, bored, in a different meeting.  And now, a week later, I've come back to it because its bothering me that's its been left open ended.  Maybe I should really put a few therapy sessions on my Christmas list!)

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

things that make you say "hmmm"

So, my new job has me sometimes running across some very interesting facts.  Yes, I get to "play" on Pinterest from time to time and find myself elbow deep in Facebook posts for a couple hours a day, but often I come across several gems.

I've started listing many of them in my "sparkles for the week" recap...that is when I actually put them up.  But, yesterday I found one that I just had to share!

25 Insane Social Media Facts - no they are not the weird kind.  They are the kind that pull you in and make you say "huh"!

Just a couple that struck my fancy:
  • 93% of marketers are using social media. However, only 9% of marketing companies have full-time bloggers. - a frustrating point for all those chicks gathered this past weekend at #AWBU
  • The fastest growing demographic on Twitter is the 55-64 year age bracket. That’s a growth of 79% since 2012. For Facebook and Google Plus, the 45 to 54 year age bracket at 46% and 56% respectively are the fastest growing demographics. - but don't tell me dad, I still tell he he doesn't need a Twitter account...but I would like to brainstorm a handle for him.
  • Despite privacy concerns, only 25% of Facebook users utilize privacy settings.
  • 5 million photos are uploaded daily on Instagram
It is such an interesting world we live in!

I also found this interesting this morning as I perused Twitter in the early hours of my day - Go Mark Cuban! The Big Mistake You Dont Know You're Making on Social Media

So much to think about every day.

(photo cred: Digital Insights)

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Back in My Day - reblog

With the busyness of the weekend at the Arkansas Women Bloggers Conference, I missed connecting you to my post with the Arkansas Women Bloggers.  And, when I say "my" post, I was just the curator!

Some pretty amazing ladies (little ladies and mentors) threw in their thoughts.  When I originally stepped up to contribute this month, I had a beautifully written piece to my 16 yr old self.  Then I wanted to write to my 21 year old self and then my 25 yr old self and then my 30 yr old self and I quickly realize that the lessons I've learned stemmed from some amazing women speaking some strong bits of truth in my life.

So instead, I decided to do a little experiement.  I reached out to a lady in each decade age bracket, 4-74, and asked them to answer the same questions.  Each question represented different stages of their life.  It was so much fun to see all their answers and really look at how much we change over time.  And yet, how much we stay the same.

I'm so grateful to these ladies for lending me their stories. 

You must read this if for no other reason than the pictures!!!

So, you know... Back in My Day...

Saturday, August 23, 2014

sparkles from the week-aug 23

A few little gems from my week!

  • I loved this post by my blogger pal Stacy.  I've not been really in touch with all that's going on in Ferguson.  I've frankly kinda cut "news" out of my world lately.  I dont like watching it.  And, I follow several new sources on twitter and for the better part of 2 years that has been my into source for news topics (not just twitter, but news outlets on twitter).  You may not agree with my reasoning, and that's cool.  But one thing that I really don't understand and cant get is racism.  It makes my stomach churn.  I do not understand that it is 2014 and I still see pictures that resemble the days of the major civil rights movement.  We do not live in a world where backwards motion is acceptable.  We have to hate hatred.  We have to. -
  • Found this photographer on FB and loved looking through her pictures.  I just really love her style.  And, I dreamed about the girl in the glitter picture.  Not the girl, but the photo-shoot (yes, I've started taking something to help me sleep better!) - - love these photos and this style!
  • Homeless people were asked to write down something about themselves - here's what it looked like.  We all have a story of where we and where we've been.  Both effect who we are -
  • because well - we live in the south - so, its always on our minds -
  • And, I thought I was the one overthinking it! -
  • Loved this little blog I ran across this week - still trying to figure out the best way for me to interact with the blog.  I also am intrigued by their layout.  Not convinced yet if I love it, its just different so learning a new navigation look - 
  • And then, I tweeted about this earlier this week, but I had a great customer experience with MOO this week.  I ordered business cards for myself combined with my etsy store (K Cutie Designs).  But, I loved the looks online, the ease of interface and ordering and was so grateful the next day when I had to call and cancel the order because I made a mistake.  The CS rep was so kind and helpful and made it super easy for me to just go in and make a change without having to start from the beginning on my designs.  Check them out!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

who are you

Hit "play" then continue reading!

So, who are you? 

That's something I've been thinking about lately.  I mentioned on Monday about the personal brand journey I've been mulling over the last couple weeks.

Who is “bigpittstop”.  But, more than that, who is Keisha Pittman.  When people encounter me in real life, are they perplexed that it’s the same person.  And, if the meet me in person first and then meet in social media world, do they get the same thing?
That’s a really big deal to me. 
I want to leave a place better than I found it.  But, I want to consistently portray the same thing about me and about my views of the world.
I like to sparkle sunshine dust in the wake of my presence (yes, I just said that and would like a series of notecards designed to commemorate that).
I LOVE to make people laugh.  But, I’m a fan of the giggle and the belly laugh.  I don’t like to be just funny, I like to say things that make people smirk; things that have to sit on their heart and marinate a little before the full effect kicks in.  And then, I love to say things so hilarious that people roll their eyes and bend their bodies in the middle from hilarity.
But, I also like to just have conversation that makes you say “hmmmmm”.  My dad likes to text that to me.  I don’t even think he knows how much I love the response.  But, it’s a moment when I know I’ve resonated.  Coffee conversations move my soul more than anyone probably realizes.  I love to learn and glean from the everyday of life and share so that others don't have to experiences life's hard lessons the same way I have.  (plus somewhere in the mix  I usually realize that someone else is experiencing a bit of "cray" as well.)
I want to be able to lookback and see an impression.  You know like when you walk on a mat – not a yoga mat, that requires sweat.  Like when you walk on a floor mat, or push your hand into a TempurPedic mattress.  There is an impression and for a moment, it looks just like you.  That’s the kind of impression.  Not to think that I make the world a better place, but that while I was there, I left something of me behind. 
Now, that’s the good life!